Outsourced doesn't have to be

offsite and offshore. off brand. off-the-rack.
Meet Tekdesk

How fast could your Roll-up roll with Tekdesk on your team?

Custom-Built for Rapid Growth

Tekdesk is the only MSP in the US focused 100% on supporting the unique needs of PE-backed vertical industry roll-ups. We've helped our largest client integrate 450+ acquisitions through three recapitalizations over the past decade.

Thorough, Thoughtful Onboarding

Our proprietary due dilligence, intake, onboarding, integration, and support processes have been refined over hundreds of repetitions.

The MSP for Roll-ups

Opening 50 new locations next year? Closing 25 acquisitions over the next two quarters? We've done that.

On Demand

We build customized full-service teams for each client, and we're ready to scale up with you as demand increases.

High Skill, High Touch, High Availability

Our U.S.-based professionals ensure excellent communication and service, 24/7/365—onsite and remote. We can even integrate off-shore talent to help keep costs under control.

Your Data, Our Processes

We comply with industry standards for cybersecurity to secure client data wherever it lives. Our APIs, reporting, and dashboards ensure you have the business intelligence you need to make smart decisions quickly.

We're Collaborating While You're Consolidating

While you're in rapid growth mode, you're focused completely on the next acquisition. And the one after that. We help you look to the future by managing the present. We've got your back!

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